Available in printed edition and ebook.

I Choose to wake up is an invitation to move from place to place, to wake up from de somnolence that keep us in a routine and apathy, to live our life life as our own and to the full, because we only die once… but we live every day!

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The Happiness Trap:

Available in printed edition an ebook

The Happiness Trap is written and designed to amend your life.
It takes you by the hand to experience the change you want and have been waiting for. It is a process that we will go through together and working as a team you will learn the game rules so that you can design your own strategy for how you want to live the life you have always designed to have.


The 4 Scrolls:

Available in printed, audio book and ebook

A philosophical thriller where you will discover the true meaning of life. Los 4 Pergaminos hold a lesson that every leader, every person, must implement on their path to personal transformation and self-knowledge. It is a book full of life teachings, which cannot be missing at home or in your be at home or in your company.