«My life is dedicated

to transforming leaders,

to change the culture,

increasing productivity,

self-esteem and performance»


Duration: 60 minutes / Languages: Spanish – English


The happiness formula

Did you know that 87% of the workforce is unhappy with their jobs?

Fortunately, with the right approach and message, this statistic can be reversed. Do you want to know the formula that will help you change that percentage? Because a happy team can increase productivity by 30%.


Transforming the world, one company at a time

Companies are identified as the number one cause of work-related stress.

What can we do to become an organization that helps to transform this reality and with it, to help Mexico win?

Discover the tools and science to turn your organization into an example of well-being, productivity and success.


The leader I want to be

A company that is leaderless is a company whose days are counted.

The leaders that 21st century companies require are made in practice. How can your company become an organization that embraces and promotes a culture capable of transforming and retaining leaders who want to commit their future in your organization?


When purpose is greater than the result

The organizations and teams that aren’t aware or lack purpose, are like a drifting boat, lacking sails and provisions.

Identifying purpose and recognizing its importance is crucial for an organization’s culture to thrive. Find out how science can support you in making your organization’s purpose its own purpose.


I choose to wake up

Lack of personal and work achievements are essential for survival and success.

 The choice to an awakening is a constant and very personal encouragement that transfers to the work practice. It is a call to individual and group consciousness to consider taking responsibility for both being and doing, taking into consideration that the consequences are the immediate result of our actions


The Mindfulness science

Not being an organization that promotes a mindfulness environment is bad for your company.

 Science proves us over and over again the positive impact on the workforce, the communication and productivity level when mindfulness practice is deployed in a productive way. Find out what the science says and the most practical and easy way to achieve it.


The traps of happiness

The constant and poorly managed search for happiness can counterproductively impact the productivity and mood of the individual.

It is necessary to know the science of happiness in order to understand how to find it without costing us in loss of
self-esteem, health and time. Discover the steps to happiness without having a hard time getting lost in its traps.


Duration: 4 hrs, 6 hrs, 8 hrs / Languages: Spanish – English

the map and the compass

The goals

The map and the compass

Learn in a creative and efficient way what goals are, understand their significance and begin to apply them at a personal and work level. A workshop based on neuroscience that helps the participant to adopt and practice them.

One person is needed to open the door


It takes a person to open the door

How to communicate, how to be more efficient, how to learn to be leaders more in contact with those around us. A workshop that will take you by the hand to apply and understand what effective communication is.

I focus and reinforce you

Neuroinduction & priming

I focus and empower you

Today’s leadership is based on knowing how to ask the right questions instead of having the right answers.

Discover what your real power is and learn how to empower your organization’s culture.

If I know how you think and feel, I can sell you

Empathy map

If I know how you think and feel, I can sell you.

A journey to develop sensibility and learn to discover more about the people we are interested in. An exercise to develop observation and empathy for the members of the organization. The empathy map is also an essential tool for improving sales performance.

lack of achievements are essential to survive

The mindfulness science

Lack of personal and work accomplishments are vital to survive and succeed.

Science shows us over and over again the positive impact on the workforce, level of communication and productivity when mindfulness practice is successfully implemented. Find out what the science says and what is the most practical and easy way to apply it.

not being an organization that promotes mindfulness is negative

The healthy model

Not being an organization that promotes a mindfulness environment is harmful to the company.

Be aware of how we are instead of how we feel and develop a strategy that helps us to enjoy better what we have and what we count on. A workshop that helps us to improve in all the most important areas of our lives.

find out why how

The 4 pillars

Find out the know how

The significance of knowing the most important pillars in your life that support you to stay balanced, focused and productive. A workshop that helps you clarify what you believe in and what it is. The 4 pillars, helps you to create the meaning in what gives you purpose to your life.