The 4 scrolls

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«To bring real improvement in culture, engagement, income, productivity and collaboration, while creating a space where minds can be happy and thrive, we must learn to allow for effective communication and support.»

When I wrote this philosophical thriller...

«When I wrote this thriller, I wanted to share what I understand to be the true meaning of life. I wrote it through a beautiful story that I named The 4 Scrolls, where you will find a lesson that every leader, every person, must apply on his or her way to personal transformation and self-knowledge.

With the same purpose, because I know that the best way to learn is by teaching, I would like you to learn, apply and practice, and with your example, we can increase this virtuous circle together and we can share the wisdom that is given to Zoe, the main character, with the best of all intentions; that of transforming the world one heart at a time. I extend an invitation to all of you to join me in sharing this knowledge that will truly transform your life».

Eduardo Massé

Eduardo motivates you to be an example to and for others to become the leader that everyone wants to be remembered and followed.

El financiero

A programme that changes lives and empower corporate culture


First Scroll: CHOICE

Do you know what your fishbowl is? It is a question that, however simple it may seem, is one of the most difficult to answer, especially in today’s world, where we are bombarded by thousands of options in all aspects of our lives.
Learning to choose first means that you have to be able to discern between what you need and what you want. The First Scroll workshop will help you identify all those important things that give us meaning. We will learn to identify what we want and why we want it, so that our life adventure, our journey becomes easier to navigate. Learning to choose and being able to distinguish which is our fishbowl allows us to take the first step in this life adventure that the 4 scrolls give us.


In ancient Rome, people, for the simple fact of being people, were identified as virtuous. Today the people who show virtue in their way of being, are the ones that stand out from the crowd. Reason that leads us to question what we should do to rescue that virtuous being that we were all born to be. The second of the scrolls teaches us to identify the 9 basic Tet virtues, which we all need to cultivate on a daily basis.
We invite you to dare to explore how you are and what you know about yourself, that you are willing to change and compromise to start the path of partial and structured adoption of the virtues that we all need to cultivate if we want to enjoy a life that works for you.

Third Scroll: LOVE

Every time we decide to do something for someone else, that we decide to do something for ourselves, we are using that inexhaustible, indomitable and magical force that is love. Love is the only force capable of producing a permanent and perpetual change in beings regardless of race, culture or belief.
This wonderful third workshop based on the third of the scrolls, teaches us the methodology to apply the transformation processes that we need.
Because identifying and knowing what your life purpose is, love is one of the most powerful pillars of human transformation that you deserve to know and experience.
Because not everything happens to us for the best but we must make the best of everything that happens to us, it is that we need to base that change of focus and direction on the meaning that surrounds everything. Love.

Fourth Scroll: E V A

EVA is the beginning and the end, the organizing force of the cocktail of the pillars that we learn in this program. The fourth of the scrolls summarizes the ideal application in time and form of these pillars of life. EVA leads us by the hand to implement choice, virtues and love to its full potential.
Because it is not enough to want or wish to be, EVA teaches us and helps us work as a team everything we want and aspire to achieve. «Because you need others like the rest need you.» Understanding your community, your tribe and the impact of your participation as a leader and member of a group, be it your family, social or work circle, EVA provides you with the tools you need.